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Zone Z in Darius Gaiden begins in a volcanic cavern which leads to the core of the planet Darius, where the enemy built their last defense line. Submerged in the magma flow of Darius' core, Curious Chandelier is the boss of this zone.

Boss Battle[]

See Curious Chandelier for further information.


As both Silver Hawks leave Darius, the planet suddenly explodes due to the damages caused by the battle, resulting in the total loss of Darius, leaving the survivors with no choice but to live in Vadis.

In the core of "Darius" , enemies build hear last nest. They succeeded in repulsing those enemies and destroyed all of enemies on "Darius" but because of those battles, "Darius" itself received many damages. After finished their duties, they left the "Darius" . At that time, "Darius" exploded.

Damages of "Darius" exceeded for their expectation, resulting in the whole destruction of this planet. The native place "Darius" was lost, and they were quite at a loss what to do.