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Zone Z' Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk It is a city or factory that it really is not, it is an illusion of Great Thing. The player will enter a factory that must be very careful, there may be traps to kill the player and broken pipes that spit flames.

Boss Battle[]

See Great Thing for further information.


When Great Thing was destroyed, the desolated scenery spereading out before their eyes disappeared like that a vision melted away, and also traces of struggle against enemies disappeared. Did the fighting until now actualy exist? What we have seen in the world...

Only the feeling of fatigue as if we have fought against ourselves remained in our bodies. On "Darius" before their eyes, there were little traces of old fightings, only rich nature existed peacefully. Thus, "Darius" entered a period for starting newly...

Ending (Playstation Version.)[]

When Great Thing is destroyed, two of the Silver Hawks fly at high speeds towards the city and flies around in seconds as the camera pans around the top view of the city, slowly revealing the foliage nature of Darius. All of it was just an illusion, the Silver Hawk pilots see its true scenery and departs back to Vadis at high speeds as the clear sky and beautiful ocean of Darius is shown; Darius has been liberated and now at everlasting peace.


  • This is the True Ending of the game, showing how the Belsar's flagship, Great Thing, who caused all of the anomalies and the culprit of attacking Vadis.
  • In the Playstation version, if the player chose this route and cleared the boss, the results screen and the music has been shortened to reveal the CGI Ending of the game.
  • the Playstation Version shows the CGI of the Ending instead of the dialogues seen in the Saturn/Arcade version.