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Zone Xi "Great Fortress II" is stage 5D of G-Darius, and It is the southern hemisphere of the satellite Kazumn. This zone splits in Area X' and Area W' but in different parts of the base.

Area W': same as Area W of Zone Mu

Area X': same as Area X of Zone Mu

 The final boss here is Accordion Hazard (Anomalocaris).

Boss Battle[]

See "Accordion Hazard" article for more information.


As Accordion Hazard explodes, the Silver Hawks merge into a giant silver hawk (the bird, not a ship) which flies to the stars.

Darius Odyssey Explanation[]

The explosions from Accordion Hazard's death are about to engulf the Silver Hawks, but a sudden light engulfs the ship causing them to merge into a giant metallic hawk, the Silver Hawk from the Amnelian legends. This transformation gives them the speed to escape unharmed. This ending is called "The Creation of a Reborn Silver Hawk".