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That zone is the same as Zone V only there will be different enemies.

Boss Battle[]

See Little Stripes, Nehonojia and Moderato for further information.


The war was over. Proco Jr. and Tiat Young returned to the planet "Oruga" after finishing their duties.

However, the next war awaits them.

The enemy's allied force will force again a war against Darius inhabitants.


  • After the end credits, a mysterious character appears who is probably Belsar and there is a message on the side that is in Japanese language and a Roman numeral that is III.
  • In fact, the character was Hard mollusk, and the text on the screen was an announcement that Darius 3 would appear next year. After Takatsuna Senba, who submitted the proposal for Darius 3, resigned from Taito, the project evolved into Darius Gaiden. with the Darius Odyssey following the Chronological order, the Darius 3 would be DariusBurst instead,