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Zone X in Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk In the sunsets skies of the planet Darius there is a huge fortress of the headquarters where Hysteric Empress is located. The player will start flying in the sky approaching the fortress door, after destroying the door they must be very careful there are many traps, humanoid robots, tubes that emit fire and a mini-boss battle that is Grand Octopus. After passing all the pre-dangers, you will reach the central power source of the fortress where you will meet Hysteric Empress there.

Boss Battle[]

See Hysteric Empress for further information.


"Silver-Hawk" Rushed in huge fortress of the headquarters, and succeded to destroy the central power source. The distorted fortress was sunk into a sea of clouds under the evening sun. After escaping by a hair breadth, they watched a happening to the end of fortress, and hastened to go home, being satisfied with the achievent of their duties they flew away. At that time, uncanny shadows appeared behind the clouds. Those were enemies which were certainly destroyed...

The battle didn't end yet.