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Zone V in Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk It is a great ocean of the planet Darius that is at night, the player must go to the depths to find the boss. Further down the ocean it is going like a pit or cave that will lead to another part of the depths, where it will meet Risk Storage.

Boss Battle[]

See Risk Storage for further information.


In the bottom of the dark sea, the last enemy was in hiding. The ugly and furious enemy falled away was drowned at sea after string battles. And after finishing safety their duties, they were about to enter last period. In the last battle, armoring of "Silver-Hawk" have been destroyed, which was deathblow in high-presured deep sea. "Silver-Hawk" communicated slightly their last communication, and they falled away into the dark sea bottom. The marine snow continued to fall as if it would cover them.


  • The end of Zone V can be considered a bad ending.
  • Case Ardin or Anna Steiner will die in Zone V due to high pressure deep in the ocean.
  • In the background you can see the destroyed parts of some battle bosses or captains, it can look like one that is Fatty Glutton.