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That zone is the same as Zone V and Zone X only there will be different enemies.

Boss Battle[]

See Mother Hawk and Moderato for further information.


The war was over. Proco Jr. and Tiat Young returned to the planet "Oruga" after finishing their duties.

It has been, however, passed several thousand years in "Oruga" and no Darius inhabitants remain living and only the wide jungle was desolated there.

What a matter ... Darius inhabitants have been already ruined ......

Ending (Mega Drive Version)[]

The war was over. Proco Jr. and Tiat Young managed to contact where was the SOS coming from, and they both landed on one of Jupiter's moons and see the inhabitants that came from Darius. The People who are in the said moon are rejoicing and regained peace to the Solar System.


  • While the Arcade and its PC Engine counterparts have a bad ending, the Mega Drive actually gives this ending a good one, and its only exclusive for the Mega Drive only since it also said that both Proco Jr and Tiat Young recieved the SOS Signal from one of Jupiter's moons and successfully liberate it from Belsar's Activity, making all of the people who are in jupiter are rejoicing with their heroic deed.