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Zone Mu "Great Fortress I" is Stage 5B of G-Darius, It is the northern hemisphere of the satellite Kazumn. This zone splits in Area W and Area X but in different parts of the base.

Area W: takes the players leads to the above parts.

Area X: takes the players leads to the below parts.

The final boss here is Heavy Arms Shell (Leatherback Turtle).

Boss Battle[]

See "Heavy Arms Shell" article for more information.


The ending of this zone shows both Silver Hawks escaping from the exploding Heavy Arms Shell, but Sameluck pushes Lutia away, leaving him to die. Then it is revealed that Lutia's Silver Hawk crashed on Darius' surface, Lutia lies on the ground crying because of Sameluck's death, however a mysterious man gives her a hand and she accepts, which implies that Sameluck survived the explosion.

Darius Odyssey Explanation[]

Before its total destruction, Heavy Arms Shell fires one last attack in a desperate attempt of taking the Silver Hawks down. Sameluck pushes Lutia aside, taking the full blast of the attack. As a result, Lutia crashes on "The planet that Kazumn orbits". A stranger approaches her as she is distraught by injury and grief, but she takes his hand because he reminds her of Sameluck. This ending is called "The Creation of a New Humanity".