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Zone Lambda "Great Cliff" is Stage 5A of G-Darius, it is a set of grassy cliffs on Darius city leading to an ancient Thiima base. Interestingly, Titanic Lance from Darius Gaiden (as cameo) is shown partially crashed and buried in one cliff. This zone splits in Area U and Area V.

Area U: take the players to a set of launching bays with a lots of mechanical sharks.

Area V: take the players to rock-hewn tunnels under the main base.

The final boss here is Lightning Coronatus (Crowned Seahorse).

Boss Battle[]

See "Lightning Coronatus" for further information.


Lightning Coronatus dies in a fiery explosion as the Silver Hawks attempt escape however Lutia's ship is badly damaged in the explosion, forcing her to bail out before it self-destructs. Floating in the darkness of space, Lutia is soon joined by Sameluck who abandons his ship and leaps towards her. The two are assumed to embrace as Sameluck's ship continues to drift in space without it's pilot.

Darius Odyssey Explanation[]

Lutia's ship is destroyed and ejects in space, Sameluck gets out of his ship and picks her up, making an emergency landing on Darius.

This is known as "The Creation of the People of Darius".