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Zone Gamma "Gigantic Ship" is the Stage 2B of G-Darius, it starts out over an oceanic city and a passel of ruins with mile-high ships. You go through the overpass, past the ships, and fly away into the sky. There you might see a giant battleship called Queen Fossil appeared after she destroyed a lots of yellow S.H. ships by her lazer beam and even she crashed Amnelian Ship by her mouth in the grand "Warning". This zone splits into Area E and Area F with different approaches to attacking Queen Fossil's auxiliary weapons.

Area E: take the players to fight against her dorsal surface (above).

Area F: take the players to fight against her ventral (below).

The boss here is Queen Fossil (Coelacanth). Her relative boss is Fire Fossil in Zone Eta.

Boss Battle[]

See "Queen Fossil" for further information.