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Zone C in Darius Gaiden is an underwater level in the Normal Version, is equal to Zone K or O in the Extra Version, and both Levels are in Stage 2, or Vadis Wilderness in the Normal Version.  It arrives from Zone A, and leads to Zone E and Zone F.

Darius Gaiden (Normal Version)[]

Above water[]

The first section appears above water, with enemies flying out of the ocean or approaching from the front.

Time Enemy
0:01 Enemies in groups of two jump out of the water. Totals 8 groups. Last group contain green and red shields.
0:04 Submarine approaches under the player.
0:07 Enemies approach from high, in a series of 5.
0:10 Large enemy approaching in the middle.
0:12 Second submarine. Three enemies approach from the background.
0:17 Five flying ships approach from back corners.
0:18 Three Green beam enemies approach.
0:20 Six hovercraft approach from the front, and three from the back.
0:22 Enemies approach from lower front. Last has a red shield.

Here, Silver hawk begins to pan downward.


0:24 Eight submarine craft attack. Last contains blue shield.
Darius Gaiden Zone C Captain

Mid-stage captain

Mid-stage captain. It's control orb is exposed, and easily hit.
0:41 Plantlife sighted, along with other general surface turrets. \
0:43 Enemies approach in series from below, and arc towards bottom-left corner.
0:45 Submarine approaches from the right, splits into five and attacks.
Darius Gaiden Zone C GoldShield

Gold shield found on the crack

Crab-like enemies approach from the right, followed by larger enemies.
Shortly after is a broken yellow pipe that contains a gold shield.
1:13 Starfish approaches.
1:22 Crab-like enemies approach from the right. Last one contains a red shield.
If you can reach the red patch visible at this point, bomb it for a hidden shield.
1:24 Four subs in series, last has a green shield.
1:26 Crab enemies, last has a blue shield.
1:28 Final wave of enemies, last has a red shield.

King Fossil[]


King Fossil

Around 90 seconds after stage start, King Fossil begins to approach. After initially throwing spheres at you, King Fossil appears proper.

He has six targets to hit - each of his five outer fins can be damaged, and his main weakpoint is the mouth when open.

Initially, he doesn't have a strong attack, firing only two seekers and a fan of six bullets (dodged by being level with his mouth). However, as he takes damage, the scales on the hull flake off, which may be a problem if he's firing his fan of bullets.

Once his scales are stripped away (or otherwise takes enough damage), King Fossil becomes more aggressive. He launches two mines upward that explode into a ring of bullets. He starts to launch fast-moving torpedoes. His mouth's attack alternates between six and five bullets, requiring movement to dodge, and makes more shots.

Darius Gaiden Extra[]

Either Zone K or Zone O of the Normal Version is the Darius Gaiden Extra Equivalent to Zone C, along with Zone G of the same Version too. Fatty Glutton is the Boss of this Zone.