Yamato (ヤマト), who was previously referred to as My Home Daddy (マイホームダディ), is a boss introduced in Super Darius who later appears as one of the two bosses of the Earth Stage of Darius II. It is shaped after a hermit crab.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Yamato (Myhome Daddy)
  • Motif: Hermit crab
  • Type: Camouflage-type battleship
  • Size: 244.6 feet
  • Zone: K (Destroyed City)
  • Weapon: Guided laser bullets, etc.

If the outher shell is taken away, leaving only the main body, it can parasitize another large weapon and take control of it. The parasitic ship inside the battleship on earth was called by the codename "Yamato".


Darius Plus, Darius Alpha, and Super Darius versions

Despite the ridiculous name, My Home Daddy is a very tough boss. It will attack with a electrical discharge from the top and by throwing explosives which detonate on the ground. His head is the weak point, but you can destroy the top of the shell to nullify the lightning attack.

Darius II

Before fighting the actual boss, you will encounter the real WWII Yamato battleship, which despite being wrecked is still operational. After taking down all of it's cannons the boss will burst out from it, using a piece of the ship as it's shell. After destroying the ship remain his body finally gets exposed so you can damage him, but at this time he will start attacking by shooting pink spheres in all directions while moving around, so be careful.


  • Yamato takes his name from the actual japanese battleship. That ship, according to Darius II, was taken on by the hermit crab Yamato.
  • Yamato appears on another Taito's non-Darius game: Bubble Bobble 2 as a boss character.
  • Another Hermit Crab creature somewhat similar to Yamato makes a cameo in Metal Black as the first stage's mid-boss.