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Vadis is a planet central to the plot of Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk. It is one of the planets which would be inhabited by the descendants of Darius after Darius Year 201.

In Darius Year 1642 the people of Vadis would begin emigrating back to Darius, only to be intercepted by the forces of Belsar, which not only destroy a squad of Silver Hawks but also invade Vadis. Their remaining Mass-produced Silver Hawks were eliminated by Belsar but the people of Vadis did not give up, their last line of defense and hope are the only new and two Silver-Hawk Gaidens piloted by Case Ardin and Anna Steiner. The two Silver Hawks were launched immediately by Vadis and start repelling Belsar activities in the planet.

Soon after, the Silver-Hawk Gaidens destroyed the forces of Belsar on their way in Space and later on, Darius. The pilots Re-entry on their way into Darius and flew their way into the Ocean to fight off a Battleship in the seas and then entered a Mechanical Cave that is actually an illusion that is commanded by Belsar's Flagship. with the help of the new Silver-Hawks and destroyed the Flagship, the Belsar Forces were destroyed successfully, and the people of Vadis continued to migrate Darius again.

It was only a matter of time until Darius Year 1904: Where Belsar began their attack again...