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WARNING! A huge battle ship -Tripod Sardine- is approaching fast.
G-Darius announcer

Tripod Sardine (Japanese: ライポッドサーディン, Hepburn: Raipoddosādin?) [Japanese name: tripod] is the boss of zone Beta from G-Darius. It is shaped after a Attenuated spider fish (Bathypterois atricolor).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Tripod Sardine
  • Motif: Tripod fish
  • Type: Ground Battle Cruiser
  • Size: 49.49 m / 162.4 ft
  • Zone: β (Giant Plant)
  • Weapon: All-range turret, etc.

A mobile battleship type with three legs that can move freely on the surface under the gravitational sphere. It is equipped with a battery gun on the front and an all-range turret that can be attached at any angle by wired control.


Common to both areas C and D is Tripod Sardine's first weapon, where fires an expanding seven-bullet arc which is easy to deal with, after which his next attacks change depending of the area. In Area C he sends out the four cannons under his head to fire tangled bullet patterns. The guns come out in two forms, both of which are not much to worry about. The boss then sends out six bombs after the player, which explode one after the other. After this the boss jumps to the other side of the screen, then fires destructible missiles from above and below, after which he charges his Beta Beam. In Area D he sticks out the four claws on his arms to fire out laser beams which are aimed directly at the player. Then come the missiles, more or less the same as in area C, before jumping to the other side and firing the Beta Beam.

After his head is blown off the boss turns to his back and begins to spread bullets all over the screen while sending in a different attack depending of the area. In Area C he waves his arms to send various shockwaves, while in Area D he hurls a huge energy ball at the player which can be deflected back by shooting it.


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