Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

Tripod Sardine is the boss of zone Beta from G-Darius. It is shaped after a tripod fish.


Common to both areas C and D is Tripod Sardine's first weapon. He fires an expanding seven-bullet arc which is easy to deal with, as he doesn't make a conscious effort to send it after you. From here, the two attacks vary, and I've chosen to deal with them in the next two paragraphs.

After this, he sends out the four cannons under his head to fire some pretty tangled bullet patterns. But don't worry- they're all perfectly destructible. The guns come out in two forms, both of which are not much to worry about. So far, so good. Then comes a slightly more nasty attack. Leggy Fish sends out six bombs after you, which explode one after the other. A good way to avoid them is to move slowly and jerkily in an anticlockwise spiral from above his head to underneath it, and then, a bit up and backwards. The bombs should explodes one after another in a staggered fashion then. Being unhappy with this, the boss fait du pied and JUMPS over you. Then come some missiles from above and below, nothing too dangerous as they're destructible. Then come the Orange Shield Thingies. Capture and charge, as Xoom Sardine removes his head while he charges his Beta Beam up. And then...BANG. Sock it to 'im. Done correctly, his head will explode and fall off as his jaw torn apart and you will get a fair deal of damage to his body, even enough to kill him. Otherwise, when the Beam peters out, you have to deal with a annoying attack. The two remnants of the 'arms' move up and down and churn up huge semicircular wave fronts of energy and spray random bullets at you. But no matter what, he should be weakened enough to die fast enough.

Area C offers more of a challenge, I'm afraid. After the bullets, he sticks out the four 'claws' on his arms to fire out nasty beam lasers (which look very fancy, though). They tend to be aimed at where you exactly are, so if you keep moving you stand a better chance of avoiding shield damage and/or death. Then come the missiles, more or less the same as in area D. This Sardine actually jumps too. It is very important not to fire away too much at his head in the Endurance Mode as then it blows up you cannot hit him with the Alpha Beam (Orange Shield Thingies will be provided). Once his head is gone Beamwise or just through your usual laser/missile shot, you are treated to a frightening attack. Our fish comes back with this HUGE laser ball. He throws it at you and sprays the screen with bullets at the same time. This may sound glib, but a clean dodge is possible. You just have to avoid being crushed by the ball(s). The Alpha Beam can deflect it too. But in spite of the ball, Tripod Sardine is quite weakened by now and eventually he should go down.