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It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 5 zones.

The invaded version has a total of 14 zones.

Normal version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Good-bye My Earth Heavy Coronatus Thorn Wheel
β Abyssal Dependence None Disaster Jaw
γ Departure Heavy Muffler

Hermit Purple

Great Thing

Invaded version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Fast Lane Heavy Muffler Hard Wheel
β Abyssal Holic Red Lantern Disaster Jaw
γ Crushing the Enemy Lightly None Insane Stare
δ Mind None Mirage Castle
ε Shady Heavy Coronatus Ancient Barrage
ζ A Serene and Pensive Moment Amidst the Wreckage Hermit Green

Red Lantern

Helmeted Coronatus

Hungry Gluttons
η You'll Be in My Thoughts Annoying Coronatus

Red Lantern

Savage Ruler