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WARNING!! A huge battleship -Titanic Lance- is approaching fast.
Darius Gaiden announcer

Titanic Lance (Japanese: タイタニックランス, Hepburn: Taitanikkuransu?) [Japanese name: Spear of Titan] is the boss of Zone M in Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a (orthocerida).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Titanic Lance
  • Motif: Orthocerida
  • Type: Super Gigantic Battleship
  • Size: 467,07 m / 1532.4 ft
  • Zone: M (Volcanic Planet)
  • Weapon: 7 homing laser cannons (bow), etc.

A extra-large battleship made in the shape of a orthocerida, a huge marine creature. Boasting a larger body than the space colony, it has a strong presence at the heart of the Belsar Army.


True to it's name, Titanic Lance is a gigantic battleship, comprised of various individual phases, which must be taken down one by one. Each of it's phases have it's own weaponry.

  • In the first phase (the ship's tail), it uses three retractable claws and a thin laser beam that is difficult to avoid. Once the tail is destroyed it releases parts of it's shell and fires homing lasers;
  • In the second phase, it uses two regenerating turrets and two small laser guns that fire straight. It will also fire a small pod that explodes and releases some homing rockets. After this phase is destroyed, Titanic Lance will release a large pod that explodes into a circular bullet pattern;
  • In the third phase, it will release various indestructible magnetic mines. A good portion of the ship will detach and split in half, attempting to crush the player;
  • In the fourth phase, it will release various drones and fire a volley of homing rockets. The drones back off after shooting, making them tough to destroy;
  • In the fifth phase, it will release fish drones which will spam bullets, then release the last portion of the shell, revealing a large cannon on it's back;
  • The final phase is Titanic Lance's main body. The various portions that make it's tentacles will detach and start shooting, but they can be easily destroyed. It's weak spot lies behind the small shell on the head, and once exposed it will start firing it's last weapons: it will use homing lasers (much like the ones from the first phase) and also fire twin lasers from it's frontal cannon.


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