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Saviour One, starting the final mission!
Good luck.
— Radio chatter

It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 10 zones.

Darius Year 1915 - February:[]

This is the final mission in our bid recapture the 3,097 star systems. All squads in the vicinity are taking part. Come back alive!


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Baptize Silver Hawk Impaling Coronatus Glassy Stare
β Peaceful Sleep in the Wreckage None Trident Jaw
γ A Serene and Pensive Moment Amidst the Wreckage Red Lantern Dark Flame
δ Departure Heavy Muffler

Hermit Purple



"Saviour One, starting the final mission!" (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Good luck." Radio chatter in the zone α)

"No signs of the enemy left in this sector. All ships, check for damage. Saviours, proced to the next target." (After defeating Glassy Stare)

"Over 5 long years have passed since this war began, but we survived, and we'll be victorious yet!" (After defeating Trident Jaw)

"Warp out quakes detected in orbit. This one's huge! This is the biggest battleship we've seen in terms of mass and density." (After defeating Dark Flame)

"Massive battleship sighted in planet's orbit!" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Roger that! Can't wait to sink this one!" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Giant battleship sunk. The enemy fleet has gone silent, but so have our allies. We took heavy losses, but we reclaimed what is ours. This is a victory for mankid." (After defeating G.T.B)