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Ti2 (Pronounced "Tee-Eye Two") is the Pilot of the "Legend" Silver Hawk and one of the protagonists from Dariusburst.


Ti2 is an android created with the latest AI terminal. She was given a human-like body in the shape of a girl in order to make her more relatable for other people. Her brain acts as a computer terminal capable of connecting with the Hyperspace, with data related to memory and personality stored in the main body.

Her body is based over a fabric of carbon skeleton, being able to repair any damage sustained in battle. Though she was programmed to display something similar to human emotions, she has difficulty in expressing those emotions clearly.


Arkanoid VS Space Invaders[]

  • 「発進しますっ」 (Hasshin Shimasu) (Launch) - As Ti2
  • 「レジェンド, 発進」(Reshiendo, Hasshin) (Legend, launching) - As Ti2 Overclock
  • 「調教終了」 (Chōkyō shūryō) (Training Complete) - As Ti2 Overclock