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Multiple enemies now approaching.
Roger that. Time to start the final mission!
— Radio chatter

It is the last mission of Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours, it has a total of 12 zones and at the end it has an ending.

Darius Year 1921 - January:[]

Destroy the last fleet, and free the Hyperspace Comm Network. The time has come to end this long war.


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Iron Corridor Red Lantern

Heavy Muffler

Hyper Jaw
β Opposition None Lightning Flamberge
γ Suite Photoconductivity (First Tune Iron Fossil) None Phantom Castle
δ Suite Photoconductivity (Third Tune Bolt and Sword) None Golden Ruler
ε Suite Photoconductivity (Fifth Tune ​Tyrant) Heavy Muffler x2 Azure Nightmare
ζ Dream Road None Gigantic Bite


"Multiple enemies now approaching." (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Roger that. Time to start the final mission!" (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"16 years since the Belsar attacked. The war has gone on for too long. The victory is dedicated to the countless allies we've lost." (After defeating Hyper Jaw)

"High... output cl...sing in... Can... hear me?" (Radio chatter in the zone β)

"Bels... Interference on... Hypersp... Communi... Did they crac... Unlock B ...ready?" (After defeating Lightning Flamberge)

"The photino measurements are off the scale!" (Female radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Hyperspace will collapse in 45 seconds!" (Female radio chatter in the zone γ)

"The Hyperspace Network came back online while we were in hyperspace. Is someone guiding us here...?" (After defeating Phantom Castle)

"Another... anomaly... detected..." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"I can hear a... distant song." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Spin emission reversed! All values are normal!" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"The light is... guiding me." (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Blue particles flow in endlessly. The pitch black of space is pervaded with blue light that cradles the SILVERHAWK, flowing through it." (After defeating Golden Ruler)

"It disappeared in a instant, like an illusion. It's as if our senses ha been hacked along with the network" (After defeating Azure Nightmare)

"Superdreadnought-class battleship, closing fast!" (Radio chatter in the zone ζ)

"This is... it, the final enemy of the human race!" (Radio chatter in the zone ζ)

"And just like that, all red alerts went quiet. The scanners were silent, and avery last enemy was gone." (After defeating Gigantic Bite)


Despite the damge, the SILVERHAWK made it safely back home. Following the sucess of this mission, the Belsar ceased the invasion of human territory. The planet Saviours were welcomed home as heroes, and new protocols called Unlock B and Second were instaled in the Hyperspace Comm Network, fortifying it against fake attacks. Now, the entire universe turned its eyes toward the glowing blue "beings" hidden inside the network. These beings would turn out to be our pilots, guiding the human race to its next level of evolution. By fusing with them, we would take our first steps into the next stage. But that is a tale for another time.


  • In zone γ you can see some blue particles floating on the screen.
  • In the zone δ at the end you can see a small cyan particle and then it explodes disappearing making a familiar sound made by Azure Nightmare.
  • Completing the mission will unlock an extra one with another ending that is Kyokkuho.