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Super Darius II (Japanese: スーパーダライアスII, Hepburn: Sūpā Daraiasu Tsū?) is a shoot 'em up video game released in 1993 for the PC Engine CD in Japan only. It is a enhanced port of Darius II, featuring all new bosses and an arranged redbook soundtrack composed by T's Music.


Just like Darius II, the story remains the same. But with new bosses and enemies to face throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, with some only returned to fight them again (Yamato, Killer Hijia and Leadain.)


Just like the original Arcade, the buttons and movements remain the same, but the screen has been reduced to fit for the TV size, just like what Super Darius did. In this enhanced port, you can either play as Proco Jr. or Tiat Young in the configuration's menu. You can also choose which difficulty suits you best, Silver Hawk's remaining stock, number of continues and Autofire.


And most of all, there is also cheats for the enhanced port. the Cheats are all packed in (Infinite Lives and Level Select):

  • Highlight the "Silver Hawk Left" option on the configuration menu and press Right fifteen times.
  • In the option screen highlight the "Player" option and press Right fifteen times.
  • Press Run and begin game play. Select any level to start the game with unlimited lives. You can also go to any level in the game, backwards or forwards.

The game also provides a Slow-Motion feature, which is exclusive to most PC Engine CD ports:

Slow Motion[]

  • While playing in a level, press Select. Continue to press buttons and the directional pad, and the game will proceed bit by bit as you provide input.

The Bosses[]

The following bosses were the only bosses to return to Darius Series in this game as bosses again.

All the rest are new bosses in the game and are all exclusive to the title.

Levels and Bosses[]

Zone A
King Fossil
Golden Eyes
Zone B
Guard Savage
Zone C
Hyper Sting
Killer Hijia
Zone D
Big Rajarnn
Revenge Shark
Zone E
Little Stripes
Revenge Shark
Zone F
Fatty Glutton
Deep Dragon
Zone G
Steel Spin
Crab Armer
Zone H
Bald Crab
Zone I
Burst Out
Crab Armer
Zone J
Red Crab
Bald Crab
Zone K
Zone L
Strong Shell
Zone M
Cuttle Fish
Zone N
Battle Chainsaw
Zone O
Keen Bayonet
Zone P
Winer Guipy
Dark Modon
Zone Q
Mystic Power
Dark Modon
Zone R
Fire Star
Dark Modon
Zone S
Iron Hammer
Dark Modon
Zone T
Buddy Blazer
Dark Modon
Zone U
My Home Daddy
Dark Modon
Zone Z'
Dual Shears
Burner Angel
Heat Arrow
Zone V
Great Thing
Mech. Bio Strong
Zone W
Eyen Dart
Mech. Bio Strong
Zone X
Green Coronatus
Zone Y
Alloy Lantern
Hard Mollusc
Mech. Bio Strong
Zone Z
Heat Arrow
Zone V'
Electric Fan
Tough Spring