Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

The Super Alloy Lantern is a Anglerfish. She only appears in Darius Twin. She is basically a large built up version of Alloy Lantern from Darius II.


Blood tells, to begin with. Super Alloy Lantern launches off the usual circular bullets from her lure and shoots from her mouth. However, shooting the lure doesn't eventually blow it off. After it has taken enough damage, the mouth cannon stops and the lure lies flush, and you begin to fly over the beast. Her back has lots of little cannons firing away and firing fast, but they're all indestructible (sigh...). And so, past the tail to the belly. Here things get interesting, as the fan/glove-shaped thingy in her belly starts to unload those arrow-shaped fishes from the first two Dariuses at you, while firing bullet arcs at you at the same time. You are forced to hang around here until the damn thing is blown off. Then you return to the mouth and things get even more interesting! As usual, the lure is at it again, and the mouth is the weak point. But instead of using her mouth cannon, Super Alloy Lantern fires out Fatty Gluttons! Now this certainly is a first! They're reasonably destructible, and each of them fires a five-bullet arrow at you. Unfortunately, Super Alloy Lantern isn't the end; once you deal with her mouth, you fly into her in true Darian tradition and you meet Great Tusk.