Strong Shell (ストロングシェル) is one of the final bosses in the original Darius. It is shaped after a sea turtle.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Strong Shell
  • Motif: Sea Turtle
  • Type: Heavy armor base-defense ship
  • Size: 353.7 feet
  • Zone: V (Van Allen Belt)
  • Weapon: Diffusion particle gun (jaw), Etc.

The battle bridge head can be stored in the shell to avoid enemy attacks. When deploying the bridge, in addition to missiles, it will launch a compound attack with the diffusion particle gun.



From the moment Strong Shell appears on the screen, it will start a barrage of shots from the various guns mounted on it's body, including straight shots and arc shots, while the head spits anchor drones. All of the guns can be destroyed, which severely cripples the boss's offensive power and makes it easy to point-blank the ship. The head is it's weak spot, but every now and then Strong Shell will hide it's head to protect itself from damage.

Sagaia for Gameboy

On the first encounter, its attacks are a bullet arc coming from the center of shell (destructible bodypart), a combo consisting of a few straight laser shots coming from the head with homing missile launched from the belly.

The second encounter gives Strong Shell one notorious difference: big rotating orbs surround it's body as a way of shielding shots (can be destroyed but they regenerate). It still uses the same head laser attack (to shots), and once one orb has been destroyed, it starts to launch 2 homing missiles from it's belly.


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