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Silver-Hawk model ZZ9X-0001, or Type-1, (銀イプ TYPE-1(グリーン) Gin ipu TYPE - 1 (gurīn)) is a Silver-Hawk spacecraft from Darius Force.

It is one of the three Silver Hawks available for Force's unnamed main character, the other two being model FFSA-0019 and model FRSA-6351. ZZ9X-0001 is Green to distinguish it from these two other models (being red and blue respectively). It was originally used during Darius, making it possible that ZZ9X-0001 is a new name for model 3F-1B.

Basic Stats[]

Silver-Hawk model ZZ9X-0001

As seen in the select screen.

Taken from select screen

Silver Hawk Type-1 DEV-NO ZZ9X-0001


  • Wave Shot
  • Multi Bomb
  • 6 Way Laser