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The GENESIS was created from lost technology, and brings to mind images of the ship spoken of in legend: the SILVERHAWK.

Silver-Hawk model ARCF-ROTA PLUS was a Silver-Hawk model from G-Darius, created using a combination of Amnelian and Thiima technology. It is the finished result of the King's wishes. Also, using the A.N. Drive, these Silver Hawks can use a special "Capture Ball" that allows them to control enemies at their will.

Basic Stats[]

Silver-Hawk model ARCF-ROTA PLUSpic1

Taken from PS1 Booklet

Taken from PS1 Booklet

Silver Hawk Military Designation- ARCF-ROTA PLUS

  • Alias-Silver Hawk
  • Occupant- 1
  • Height- 14.815 meters
  • Length- 26.55 meters
  • Width- 20.713 meters
  • Power Unit- A.N. (All Nothing) System Drive

Silver-Hawk Genesis in Another Chronicle EX, Chronicle Saviours[]

The Silver-Hawk Genesis returns in Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX and Chronicle Saviours. In place of the Capture System functionality that was in G-Darius and unable to be sufficiently replicated, the ship has been changed such that it now comes with support unit drones that fire simple Missile Shots and regenerate over time with the Burst Meter at the halfway point and when full. Refer to the graphic.

Genesis mechanics

Genesis SH mechanics (JPNSE)

 Tapping the Burst Button repositions the units in one of three formations from a cycle (straight shot, angled shot, tailing the ship like Options from Gradius) while holding the button will absorb them both and charge the Alpha Beam which is the ship's Burst System. You are still able to fire your shots while the Alpha Beam charges, but the absorb and charge will only work if you have both drones (i.e., a full meter) which should not be too hard to achieve as the Burst Meter charges pretty quickly with the ship. In Chronicle Saviours, the Fixed Burst button will also handle this absorb and charge process. Firing the Alpha Beam and crossing it over an enemy's red Burst Beam will cause the Alpha Beam to turn yellow and expand to encompass a much larger area. Continuing to destroy massive enemy waves will prolong the beam's life a little but it must expire eventually.

The description text in English taken directly from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours in AC Mode reads as follows: "Call sign 'Genesis'. Unable to replicate the original’s functionality, this legendary ship, developed on Amnelia, features a new type of support unit and a Burst Beam."