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Burst 3, FORMULA, is the crux of the counter attack. We also have a 4th ship being secretly prepared.

The Formula Silver Hawk Burst (シルバーホークバースト3号機 Shirubāhōkubāsuto 3-gōki) [Type : Formula] is a Silver-Hawk spacecraft from Dariusburst: Another Chronicle and Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours. The shape of Formula is very much different from the Silver Hawk models that have come before it and employs unknown technologies. Designed for close combat, Formula is the only ship in the series whose bullets stop at one full screen's length from it and do not continue to travel. To compensate for this, the Shot power is boosted, has homing bombs like Next but fires twice as many, and is the only ship with increased movement speed. Formula employs the same Fixed Burst System as well.

The description text in English taken directly from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours in AC Mode reads as follows: "The third Silver Hawk Burst. Call sign 'Formula'. Designed for close combat, it is incapable of long-range attacks and it possesses a form that is vastly different from previous Silver Hawks. While equipped with a Burst Engine, it also contains many technologies unknown to mankind."