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The defense base is under attack.
Go give them backup at once.
Saviour One, hurrying to the destination!
— Radio chatter

It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 6 zones.

Darius Year 1918 - June:[]

The satellite defense base is under surprise attack by the Belsar fleet. All units, scramble to defend it.


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Abyssal Holic Hermit Purple Thorn Wheel
β Cylinder Heavy Muffler x2

Devilish Fish

Twin Claw
γ You'll Be in My Thoughts Red Lantern

Heavy Coronatus

Dark Flame


"The defense base is under attack." (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Go give them backup at once." (Female radio chatter in the zone α)

"Saviour One, hurrying to the destination!" (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Located key positions of the enemy raiding party. We will jump in via hyperspace in order to hit the hard." (After defeating Thorn Wheel)

"The enemy's main forces are moving to Point EKC. All units, move to intercept. They may still be hiding something. Keep your gaurd up." (After defeating Twin Claw)

"Belsar fortress sighted ahead!" (Female radio chatter in the zone γ)

"They still have that much firepower left?!" (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"The Belsar operations have increased in intensity of late. Could this be in someway related to the appearence of our unknown adversary? (After defeating Dark Flame)