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Riga Pratica (リーガ・プラティカ Rīga puratika) is the Pilot of the "Next" Silver Hawk and one of the protagonists from Dariusburst.


One of the pilots belonging to the space army, "Riga Pratica" is not his real name but rather a codename given to him in the army, meaning "rookie soldier with stripes". He went through a arduous training, with countless scars from previous test battles. Being one of the few pilots to escape when Belsar caused instability in the communications network, he ended selected as one of the pilots to lead the offensive against Belsar.

Riga opposes pilot mechanization and was initially against the idea of using TI2 on the front lines. He lost one of his eyes during an accident in one of his past trainings, which TI2 replaced with a fake one.