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Multiple enemies approaching at high speed.
Roger that! They're no match for a Burst ship.
— Radio chatter

It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 6 zones.

Dariusburst Year 1908 - July:[]

4 years into the war and many systems are still occupied. Freeing vital systems will be the key to victory.


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Good-bye My Earth Aquarium Fish Iron Fossil
β Fast Lane Heavy Coronatus Lightning Claw
γ A Serene and Pensive Moment Amidst the Wreckage None Lightning Prison
δ Hinder Four None Thousand Knives


"Multiple enemies approaching at high speed." (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Roger that! They're no match for a Burst ship." (Female radio chatter in the zone α)

"Burst 3, FORMULA, is the crux of the counter attack. We also have a 4th ship being secretly prepared." (After defeating Iron Fossil)

"Saviour One, now entering enemy fortress." (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Multiple gravity quakes detected! Be careful in there." (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Roger that! All ships, stay on your guard!" (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Burst 3 has 10x the power of 1, but rumour has it that there is a huge performance gap between its prototype and the mass-production models. (After defeating Lightning Prison)

"The battleship is destroyed and the star system freed, but the counterattack will be postponed until next year." (After defeating Thousand Knives)