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It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 17 zones.

The invaded version has a total of 10 zones.

Normal version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α BOSS 2 (Darius II) None Iron Fossil
β Olga Breeze (Darius II) Devilish Fish None
γ Muse Valley (Darius II) Annoying Coronatus Hyper Jaw
δ BOSS 2 (Darius II) None Lightning Claw
ε Jamming (Darius II) Aquarium Fish Solid Claw
ζ Cynthia (Darius II) Red Lantern

Heavy Muffler x2

Mirage Castle
η Planet Blue (Darius II) None None
θ Cynthia (Darius II) None Assault Jaw
ι Planet Blue (Darius II) None Slash Shell
κ To Nari (Darius II) Red Lantern Insane Stare
λ BOSS 2 (Darius II) None Violent Ruler

Invaded version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α VISIONNERZ (Darius Gaiden) Annoying Coronatus Hyper Jaw
β FAKE (Darius Gaiden) None Disaster Jaw
γ Tranquilizers (Darius Gaiden) None Twin Claw
δ FAKE (Darius Gaiden) None Heavy Jaw
ε Self (Darius Gaiden) None Violent Ruler


  • When Insane Stare appears, the entire battle background is completely black, it is unknown if it is normal or a glitch.