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WARNING! A huge battle ship -Queen Fossil- is approaching fast.
G-Darius announcer

Queen Fossil (Japanese: クイーンフォスル, Hepburn: Kuīnfosuru?) [Japanese name: Fossil Queen] is a boss which initially appears in Darius Twin in a dual battle alongside Emperor Fossil, later appearing again in G-Darius. It is shaped after a Coelacanth (Coelacanthiformes).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Queen Fossil
  • Motif: Coelacanth
  • Type: Extra-Large Class Battleship
  • Size: 266 m / 872.8 ft
  • Zone: γ (Gigantic Ship)
  • Weapon: High concentration particle compression cannon (jaw), etc.

Thiima's largest class battleship. A large number of mobile weapons are mounted inside the body, and a large number of anti-aircraft guns are deployed throughout the body. It has a great deal of firepower and has the power to suppress enemy forces.


Darius Twin[]

For gameplay info, go to Emperor Fossil's Details.


Queen Fossil starts off the same regardless of the zone chosen, starting off by firing arcs of straight lasers from the gun on her tail. There is often a very visible gap to plunge through to avoid being hit. There are also destructible missiles to bother about, but they shouldn't really be a problem. Destroying the tail gun releases a red power up.

Now the route chosen by the player will determine which part of Queen Fossil will be fought.

Area E[]

Choosing Area E will take the player topside. Queen moves out of focus and then turns her back. Three cannons, the first and third of which fire orange shots, now greet the player, but even with the three enemy formations coming at the player before these cannons start firing, the player can easily destroy them if the player start attacking as soon as possible. Grab the purple power up from that third formation when the cannons are destroyed. A couple more formations will come at the player as Queen readies and lets her back set of razor fins fly out to the background before they come back and enter the attack plane. Blowing up the third one will get the player a green power up. She sweeps out again and some more missiles come at the player, then the camera moves further along her back. Here the same cannons will be below the player, only they all fire blue destructible shots. There is also a gatling cannon in front that fires a vigorous set of orange bullets and three straight laser cannons above that, which will each fire a 90º angling shot every now and then. Concentrate on these first, and then the gatling cannon for a blue powerup. The other set of fins fly out, and this time the third one holds a red power up. More missiles fly out and she rolls onto her back. Below her head, a hatch by her neck opens and fires some shielded enemies along with other small enemies, two of which give a red and a purple power up. Lastly is a newer version of the captain, Queen's Child. Make sure to capture him for the firepower and cover.

Queen Fossil takes the plunge after emerging, this is when the actual 'boss' confrontation begins. She charges the player head-first now from the left after a warning tells the player to get to the right side of the screen. She fires Eye Fathers that are destructible, but note that they absorb Alpha Beams. She comes in and shows the player her left side. Some of her scales fly off and spin around her as straight lasers fire out in a sweeping arc pattern. Eventually that stops as the scales come in a circle and then charge the player. Then she opens up her side and Eye Fathers come out along with projecting four cannons, from which she will fire her Beta Beams.

If the player mess up on this, Queen Fossil presents her tail to the player and fires lasers (if the cannon is still there) or bullet arcs as the tips of the tail try to fire lightning at the player before she goes off-screen. She angles into the background and fires missiles to the top and bottom while she heads off to the right. Look below to Area F for the pattern to expect next.

Area F[]

Choosing Area F will take the player to Queen Fossil’s underside, and there are more power ups overall to be had from this route. An arm will pivot down and open up to spray blue, destructible bullets at the player. Destroying it will spawn both a red and a purple power up. Then as Queen swings out to the background, she rolls and releases small formations of enemies that will show up from either side of the screen; the very first formation has an enemy with a blue power up for the player's Arm shielding. The player can also get a red power up from the second-to-last formation.

Queen Fossil will turn and angle straight down and release two containers with turrets that fire three-bullet streams and which fire missiles between them as they stagger back and forth. They take a lot of firepower to destroy, so using an Alpha Beam is the best method to destroy them, whereupon the top container gives the player a purple power up and the bottom container gives the player a green power up. When they are either destroyed OR fly off, get away from the top half of the screen as Queen will come down all of a sudden after the alarm stops. A hatch opens on her underside more towards the front and a red laser cannon comes down into sight. Carefully be above it and as Queen bobs up and down, pelt that cannon with lasers and bombs until it is destroyed and the player get another blue power up. Eye Fathers and other little enemies drop and then comes a new Queen’s Child. Blow off its protective armor and capture it. Get all the way over to the left side of the screen.

Queen takes the plunge into the clouds after emerging, this is when the actual 'boss' confrontation begins. She will charge the player head-first from the right. She presents her left side to the player, opens it and extends four long laser cannons, with two gray ones on the ends that fire continuous lasers and two red ones in between them that will intermittently fire a few lasers in succession. During this attack, small destructible bulbous missiles will come after the player. When the attack ends, orange diamond shot spreads will fire in three triple bursts. Then comes a volley of straight, destructible missiles. Queen then presents her tail and fires lasers (if the cannon is still there) or bullet arcs as the tips of the tail try to fire lightning at the player before she goes off-screen.

She angles into the background and fires missiles to the top and bottom while she heads off to the left. Dodge them while getting to the right side of the screen when she charges and destroy or dodge the big Solidnite shells with the player's main laser weapon. Queen will present her left side again but with her head pointed towards the screen (out of view) and release eight scales that form a flower to protect her from shots as orange diamond bullet arcs fire at the player in succession. Eventually, that scale flower will fly right at the player, so move out of the way at the right time.

Then Queen opens her side as Eye Fathers come out and two lines of orange diamond bullets fire, and this will happen three times. Queen will turn and point her tail at the player, and as staggered diamond bullet arcs fire, which the player can stay in one place and avoid being hit, she charges a full Counter Beta Beam and fires it.

From this point, Queen angles to the background, releases the missiles from the top and bottom, and the pattern will repeat from the charge from the right until she either self-destructs or is defeated.


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