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It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 6 zones.

Darius Year 1905 - February:[]

The MURAKUMO, created with tech from our homeworld, is ready for its first combat mission following successful trials. Destroy all enemies!


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α KANNANSHINKU Annoying Coronatus Hard Wheel
β Opposition Heavy Muffler Brightly Stare
γ A Serene and Pensive Moment Amidst the Wreckage None Thousand Knives


"Now commencing mission." (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Saviour One, roger that!" (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"The new MURAKUMO is a hybrid ship, fusing the GENESIS control system and the NEXT Burst Engine." (After defeating Hard Wheel)

"How's the new ship?" (Female radio chatter in the zone β)

"No sure yet, but not bad so far." (Female radio chatter in the zone β)

"Yeah, getting the cutting-edge unit for you was our top priority." (Female radio chatter in the zone β)

"I won't let that good will go to waste." (Female radio chatter in the zone β)

"After successfully reclaiming this sector, our squad was rewarded with Burst Engine ships for our service." (After defeating Thousand Knives)