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WARNING!! A huge battleship -Phantom Castle- is approaching fast.

Phantom Castle (Japanese: ファントムキャッスル, Hepburn: Fantomukyassuru?) [Japanese name: Hallucination Castle] is a boss from Dariusburst: Another Chronicle. It is shaped after a porcupinefish (Diodontidae).

Website Summary[]

For Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX

Flagship that is similar in shape to the porcupine fish. Has been confirmed in the past of the campaign, Mirage Castle type a kind of flagship. By mounting the armed armored unit in a small ship, large ship and has enabled the equivalent operation, unit damage exceeds a certain value, is immediately purged (separated waste). Not convey great damage due to prolonged combat aircraft central portion, it is possible to continue to maintain a constant value or more competitive as a result. In addition, the battle after the repair work also supply the unit from the sub-space factory, it is very quick is only attached. Contact Keru Front in the 1910s follows the ever-expanding, a system that can accommodate a variety of tactical situation in the exchange of the units also for Berusa I think or not useful. When combat this flagship is to destroy all the units, it is required to sink stretch a small ship in the center. By employing the detachable unit, it is possible to feed the variety attack by simultaneously each part unit and the burst cannon. Mirage Catsle type in comparison with the adoption of thick beam unit with dizziness Mashi effect, also armed the small ship has been changed to the induction-type laser from missile. From the fact that put a barrage of up to relentless, it is feared is called the nightmare of the Sargasso.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Phantom Castle
  • Motif: Porcupinefish
  • Type: Heavy Armored Attack Ship
  • Size: 107.44 m / 352.5 ft
  • Zone: F (Starfleet), etc.
  • Weapon: Large diameter rail cannon, etc.

A derivative ship of Mirage Castle. A super-thick beam unit with a sham-like effect was adopted, and the armament of small ships was changed from missiles to guided lasers. It is known as Sargasso's Nightmare because it wears a barrage up to her butler.



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