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WARNING! A huge battleship "Peace Destroyer" is approaching fast.
Darius Force announcer

Peace Destroyer (Japanese: ピースデストロイヤー, Hepburn: Pīsudesutoroiyā?) is the boss of zone H from Darius Force. It is shaped after a oarfish (Regalecus glesne).


Peace Destroyer is the first battleship raid in the Darius series, later to be succeeded by Titanic Lance in Darius Gaiden and Queen Fossil/Fire Fossil in G-Darius. The boss promptly introduces itself after a very short shooting segment where the player can power up and get some points.

In the first phase of the fight the player fights the boss's head. It's mouth is the weak spot, though it only becomes vulnerable when it is attacking. It's attacks include a mouth laser, a five-bullet spread, grenades which explode into bullets and homing missiles. It may also try to ram the player.

Once the mouth is destroyed, the player traverse the boss's insides. This segment works like a regular stage, where the player must avoid obstacles while shooting the turrets inside, though the player must be careful since the boss continuously moves up and down. Once the player reaches the tail the final phase of the fight begins. The main target is the core on the back portion, though it only gets vulnerable after the four turrets protecting it are destroyed. It only has two attacks, a double wave beam and a large straight laser.


  • This boss may be referenced in one of the Steam achievements for DARIUSBURST: Chronicle Saviours - specifically, "Piece Destroyer", earned by defeating "a Castle type boss after destroying all of its parts".


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