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The Omega Zone is the last boss for the game Metal Black. It is a whale shaped Carinaria cristata, it's whale shaped look is a possible reference to one of the recurring final bosses of Darius: Great Thing.


The boss fight is more simple than the final boss fights from other Darius games. Once the Black Fly reaches the final frontier, a bright light appears from the middle of nowhere. And suddendly... the Omega Zone appears (also Apartheid's roar is heard). The player can pass trough the boss's body but avoiding the heart which it kills him instantly. When violently wounded, the Omega Zone will show up his tail with a giant pearl and starts shooting a large energy beam which the placer cannot stop it. And then, the tail starts releasing Newalone particles until its bursts (later it regenerates). Also, Omega Zone's heart has also a secret weapon, deadly pearl chains that chase Black Fly and it will reverse and chase again until its destroyed. When the Omega Zone is losing health, the pearl chains will multiply, making it dificult to destroy. At the end, the Omega Zone dies and your nightmare will end with a face view of earth being blown in half.


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  • Omega Zone uses the same roar than Apartheid.
  • During the fight with Omega Zone, the song played is a medley of most of the previous songs of this game. The song and the Omega Zone's difficulty changes as damage increases. The songs included on the medley are strictely on the following sequence: "Yueez", "Visitor", "Dio Panic!", "Born to Be Free", "Dual Moon", "Gate of Guardian", "Area 26-10" and "Time".
  • Along with the music, the stage background changes as Omega Zone's damage increases (See Stage 6 for further details).
  • Its the second most difficult boss in Metal Black, while Daio is the hardest.

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