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Olga, as it appears in the intro of Darius Twin.

Olga is a planet central to the plot of Darius II (and its Mega Drive/Genesis variant) and Super Darius II. It is one of the planets which would be inhabited by the descendants of Darius after Darius Year 201. The Planet itself later become one of the Base and Operations of the Darius Inhibitants and later on in the counterattack against Belsar.

in Darius year 1813, the descendants of the people who immigrated to the Solar System from Darius were attacked by Belsar. Olga itself and its people are the same Armenian people who are Darius inhabitants during the Exodus War.

Years later after the war on Vadis, the technology of the Silver Hawks has been undergoing improvement in Olga, enhancing the weaponry of the Silver Hawks armament, replacing the Wave weapon to a Napalm Beam, Bombs into seeking mines which crawls on surfaces and Lasers which can aim as an auxillary for risky situations. This leads to the development of the Silver-Hawk Second. At the same year, Olga received SOS Signals coming from Earth as the Milky Way Galaxy is under attack by Belsar Forces, this time with their new Battleships and Captains who are guarding the entire solar system, spreading fear on the inhabitants in there. Proco and Tiat's descendants: Proco Jr. and Tiat Young were assigned on the Silver-Hawk Second and takes off from Olga to repel the Belsar Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy with their Silver-Hawk Seconds, these Silver Hawks carried powerful thrusters which enable to warp fast on each planet to regain and liberate the Solar System free from Belsar's Hands.

This war on the Solar System would later be classified as Defend War.