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WARNING!! A huge battleship -Odious Trident- is approaching fast.
Darius Gaiden announcer

Odious Trident (Japanese: オーディアストライデント, Hepburn: Ōdiasutoraidento?) [Japanese name: Bell of Odin] is one of the final bosses from Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a sunfish (Mola mola).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Odious Trident
  • Motif: Sunfish
  • Type: High Mobility Battleship
  • Size: 96.8 m / 317.6 ft
  • Zone: Y (Tropical Forest)
  • Weapon: Wired all-range laser cannon (abdomen), etc.

A large, highly mobile battleship built in the shape of a sunfish. It releases small sunfish drones and has two built-in wired all-range laser cannons.


Odious Trident starts the fight by firing its booster engine, propelling itself forward outside of the screen, then move up or down in the player's direction to hit it with the engine's fire. After firing the engine again it will return to the screen, releasing a number of sunfish drones which track the player and detaching one of its bottom turrets, which fires lasers randomly across the screen before reattaching to the boss.

After taking some damage the boss will start its second phase, splitting up its halves which will then move independently. The frontal half will then fire missiles which turn 90 degrees and straight lasers backwards. Once the halves reattach it will once again detach a laser turret, then release the sunfish drones and fire a large missile which splits up into multiple missiles.

In the final phase of the fight the boss will once again use its booster engine, this time following the player's movement and attempting a direct hit, after which it will release a large number of sunfish drones.


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