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WARNING! A huge battleship -Octopus- is approaching fast.
Darius announcer

Octopus (Japanese: オクトパス, Hepburn: Okutopasu?) [Japanese name: Devil of the Sea] is one of the final bosses in the original Darius. It is shaped after a common octopus (Octopus vulgaris).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Octopus (Japanese Name: Sea Devil)
  • Motif: Octopus
  • Type: Multi-legged Attack Ship
  • Size: 100.21 m / 328.8 ft
  • Zone: X (Mountain Area)
  • Weapon: All Range Laser Cannon (legs), Etc.

Attack ship with 8 legs that come with built-in weapons on each of them. they can fire independently, and also serve as a stabilizer for posture control during navigation.


Darius, Darius Plus, Darius Alpha, Super Darius, and Darius-R versions[]

Octopus will move up and down while constantly firing lasers from its tentacles as well as a bullet spread from its mouth. The tentacles can all be destroyed, severely lowering its firepower and making the fight easier. Its weak spot is between its eyes.


In Darius+, aim for the lower-right tentacles, the lower-left, the left, the upper-left, then the eye. Destroying all these components in order will destroy the enemy. Note that the eye sometimes glitches, making the fight unwinnable. The cause of this glitch is unknown.


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  • Octopus is one of the bosses with a self-explanatory name alongside Cuttle Fish and Red Crab.
  • Octopus dies once all of its tentacles are blown away, but in Darius II it still survives even without its tentacles.