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Noko, also known as Nouko V15 (ノウコV15 Nōko V15?) is a recurring enemy in the Darius series. It appears as a primarily green and white robot that hops about as its method of manoeuvrability. It has also made appearances in other Taito games such as Rainbow Islands and Space Invaders DX.

Game Appearances[]

Darius Gaiden[]

The Noko reprises its role as an enemy character, appearing in some of the zones such as Zone D and Zone G. Once again, it hops around the levels and fires trios of bullets towards the player ships. There is also a red variant of the Noko that appears in this game, as well.

Rainbow Islands[]

The Noko appears as an enemy character in Rainbow Islands in the ninth (and penultimate) island of the game, 'Darius Island'. It behaves very similarly to its incarnations in the Darius series, by hopping around the levels and will occasionally stop to fire three bullets in a fan shape towards the player.

Space Invaders DX[]

The Noko also makes an appearance as an enemy character in Space Invaders DX in the eighth round of the 'Parody Game Mode', which is based on the original Darius. The Noko occupies the second top line of invaders, meaning that they score 20 points when they are destroyed.