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No. 106780 Yamato is a boss or more like a number of bosses on a plate on Stage 11 in Space Invaders 1995.


Three Darius bosses clubbed into one. You have to dig the little surfing invaders, though. Apart from the seafood platter, most of the vessel on which it lies has to be taken out. This is made up of five parts- the two edges, and three cannons which fire mean lasers. You are given ample warning for them, though. But we're getting a bit ahead. The first attack you bill be probably treated to is a hail of purple Invader-style shots. Then come several little destructible shuriken-looking things in two arcs. Then come the invader swarms: porcine octopi and pig ladies. The lasers start to warm up too.

When one of the boat segments are gone, the platter's contents kick in. They cheifly fire two things- nice four-bullet arcs and more random (and copious)bullet attacks. The lasers, if any, keep coming in, as well as the 'shurikens' and the invaders. Attack the seafood in any order you want; the attacks don't seem to depend on any one of them. Of course, this will keep you on your toes guaranteed. You have to destroy the seafood for the boss to die.


  • This is the only boss we see that the King Fossil and Octopus which their eyes will pop out in a cartoonish manor when hurt.
  • The fastest way to defeat the boss is to destroy the cannons quickly (dont forget to take down the invaders first).