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This is Saviour One, now commencing mission!
Roger that. Be careful.
They're going wild out here.
— Radio chatter

It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 6 zones.

Darius Year 1904 - July:[]

Without comms, our foe remains unidentified. As the only battle-capable squad in the sector, it's up to usto take them out.


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Cosmic Air Way (Darius) Heavy Coronatus King Fossil
β Main Theme Chaos (Darius) Heavy Coronatus Mirage Castle
γ The Sea (Darius) None Thousand Edge


"This is Saviour One, now commencing mission!" (Radio chatter in the zone α)

"Roger that. Be careful." (Female radio chatter in the zone α)

"They're going wild out here." (Female radio chatter in the zone α)

"From the scant intel we gathered, there's a 98% probality our opponent is mankind's ancient nemesis: the Belsar." (After defeating King Fossil)

"If we really are facing the Belsar, only one race will survive this war. Can we stand against a century of their preparations?" (After defeating Mirage Castle)