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WARNING! A huge battleship "Mother Hawk" is approaching fast.
Darius II announcer

Mother Hawk (Japanese: マザーホーク, Hepburn: Mazāhōku?) [Japanese name: mother rot] is one of the final bosses from Darius II. Instead of being based on a aquatic creature, this boss is a gigantic replica of the Silver Hawk.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Mother Hawk
  • Motif: Silver Hawk
  • Type: General purpose battleship
  • Size: 92.75 m / 304.3 feet
  • Zone: Z (Jupiter's Gas Cloud)
  • Weapon: Laser cutter (tail wing), etc.

Battleship appearing on the final line of defense of the allied troops. The figure imitating a Silver Hawk is used as psychological intimidation against pilots, but the weapons and maneuverability are completely different from the original.


Mother Hawk has three attacks which it will constantly cycle between. Its first attack is to shoot a cluster of fireballs forming a circular pattern. After this Mother Hawk will send it's top cutter at the player which will then return like a boomerang. Its last attack is to shoot a barrage of thin lasers. All of it's attacks are fairly easy to dodge.


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