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The Earth's natural satellite is the battlefield of Darius II and Metal Black.

Darius II[]

Proco Jr. and Tiat Young's mission continues here as they survived the clash on Venus. The Earth's moon becames the fourth battlefield splitted in Zones G, H, I, and J. Red Crab is the guardian boss of the Moon.

Metal Black[]

Although the second level begins on the Earth's orbit, the objective is to go to the moon (which is seen on the level background), but as the player's mission goes on, the moon doesn't seem to move, until the player reaches the real moon which is larger than the one seen before, then this false moon changes its color from grey to yellow and gets close to the player revealing that it was actually an egg where the second boss, Feeder, was watching the battle all this time, as it hatches, the boss battle begins, where the Black Fly emerges victorious and heads to the Earth-Jupiter wormhole, where the third stage begins.