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WARNING! A huge battleship "Moderato" is approached fast.
Super Darius II announcer

Moderato is a boss from Super Darius II. It is shaped after a giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne), though it will turn into a largehead hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) after losing its crests.


At first Moderato will stay at the right of the screen, firing a three bullet spread and homing missiles. Once its crests are destroyed it will begin moving around, circling around the screen in a similar manner to Driosawm while still shooting at the player.


The name "Moderato" is in Italian which means: Moderate.


  • If you play on a mobile emulator, his body will glitch after destroying his crests and it will be impossible to beat him. To avoid this glitch pause the game, wait for the background music to finish completely and unpause to continue.


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