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Missile, or commonly known as shot, is one of the main weapons of the Silver Hawks in the Darius Series. Missiles are the most common as your starting weapon.

Missile Shot[]

While its common on most Silver Hawk weaponry, the missiles are of course your starting weapons, when collected by a Red Orb, this enhances the damage dealt and also evolves your weapons at a certain degree.

The weapon is named AAM-21 Eagle and is common of all Silver Hawks. Silver Hawk Gaiden however uses Plasma missiles as its starting weapon.


After upgrading 7 more times in the missile weaponry, your weapon evolves into a Laser. the Laser is a thin weapon that can pierce enemies by a single shot, however, pilots must be cautious as the weapon starts to be weak at first, Acquiring Red orbs upgrades your laser into thinner, longer and more rate of fire. The weapon name of the laser is Pulse Laser.

There are different types of lasers, however this was only exclusive to Second and Gaiden.

  • Cluster Laser - For the Second, since it doesn't have missiles as its weaponry, it fires Big Twin lasers and clusters of energy balls in a wide pattern.
  • Laser Burst - For Gaiden, the upgrade to its Plasma missiles is its Rapid firing laser burst which can be upgraded into four laser shots, which can decimate a squadron of enemies and damage Captain types.


Upgrading your laser one more time unlocks the final weapon at your arsenal, the Wave Gun. the Wave fires slashes similar that of a Crescent moon. For the Silver Hawk Second, it uses Beam Napalm/Energy Plasma Balls instead. The name of the wave weapon is Vionic wave shot. There are different types of Wave shots:

  • Vioinic Wave shot - Common on Silver Hawks, especially Origin, Legend and Genesis (Darius, Darius Twin, Darius Force, DariusBurst.)
  • Powered Wave - NEXT and Assault, a more powerful version of the wave shot. (DariusBurst, SP, CS)
  • Wave LV2 and LV3 - Gaiden, when Lv 3 is reached, the Gaiden will have miniature Silver Hawk drones firing Crescent waves at the enemy, also the Waves are combined with Plasma blasts and its color is changed from Blue to Red Orange. (Darius Gaiden, Dariusburst CS)
    • Beam Napalm/Plasma Ball/Beam Napalm + Laser - Exclusive to Second, the laser becomes a Beam Gun which widens until its maximum output. the cluster beams are larger and powerful, killing large enemies and smaller ones. This is by far the powerful weapon, second to the Gaiden, the Beam Napalm deals massive damage to crowds as well as bosses if the silver hawk distance is close enough. In Dariusburst CS, the green lasers will appear once you acquire the Wave gun level. The lasers did the same way as Darius II except that the laser is now in clusters and can pierce terrain (acting as a secondary weapon)., however it loses the curving laser gimmick, but it was compensated to deal great damage. (Darius II, Darius Twin, Darius Force, Dariusburst CS)