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Messier: The Extreme Destructive Device is a freeware shooter game created by S.S.P. It is mostly based on classic Darius gaming and has bosses that look related to the bosses from Darius games. The player's ship, weapons and enemies are from Thunder Force (Thunder Force V to be more precise).


Apparently set in an alternate Thunder Force V storyline, Rynex, rebuilt as Vasteel Original, is sent by the Artificial Intelligence known as the Guardian to destroy the Earth Side's forces, including the flight squadron Thunder Force 222, however, the situation takes an unexpected turn when mechanical sea creatures, resembling those of Belser/Thiima, make an appearance in the battle.


The player takes control of the Fire LEO-04 "Rynex" (player's ship in Thunder Force IV and Stage 5 boss "Vasteel Original" in Thunder Force V) fighting against ships based on Thunder Force V such as the RVR-01 "Gauntlet" and the RVR-02 "Vambrace", while the boss battles are based on the cybernetic sea creatures from the Darius series.


Rynex/Vasteel Original is equipped with 4 of the main weapons seen in Thunder Force IV, with the exception of the "Snake" weapon which wasn't included in Messier.

  • Blade: The "Twin Shot" weapon designed for frontal attacks.
  • Rail Gun: "Back Shot" weapon used to destroy enemies behind the player.
  • Wave: Three-way shot which chases enemies.
  • Fire: .A Multi-directional shot which can be aimed in 8 possible directions like the Freeway in Thunder Force IV.
  • Barrel: Known in the Thunder Force series as "Over Weapon" which turns any of the previous 4 weapons into a powerful attack (for example, the "Blade" unleashes the "Sword" Over Weapon), unlike the Bomb format of the Darius Series or the Newalone beam in Metal Black, the Over Weapon is used as a controlled blast, until its energy runs out.
  • CRAW (called CROW in the game): This energy orbs adds extra firepower to Rynex and increases the Barrel's power. CRAW is an acronym for Constituted Ray Art Weapon-unit.

Stages/Zones and Bosses[]

Stages/Zones Bosses
1st Destruction Stripe Angel
2nd Destruction Sapphire Fossil
3rd Destruction R-O-U-G-E
4th Destruction G-2
Final Destruction Bloody Angel
Feather Fossil