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Dream Land is the third stage of Metal Black.

The level starts with the Black Fly entering the Earth-Jupiter wormhole, just to arrive to a strange dimension where any and all space exploration colonies and satellites stationed away from Earth remain here as the graveyard for the lives that were lost and their destroyed dreams. Parts of the broken satellites were gathered by the aliens and transformed into an enormous stronghold code-named Sargassum.

The bosses of this level are Daio and Gishiin.

Darius references[]

  • The cylindrical space colonies in the background were later used as the stage scenes for Darius Gaiden and G-Darius.
  • It is also possible that one of the colonies might be from the descendants of Darius who sent the distress signal prior to the events of Darius II.
  • The blue "Turtle Shell" beam reflecting enemies seem to be based on Strong Shell.
  • Despite of his techno-organic nature, Gishiin is somehow based on an Opabinia, probably inspired or infuenced by Grand Octopus.
  • The simultaneous two-boss fight concept was later used on Darius Twin during the fight with Emperor Fossil and Queen Fossil in planets Danto and Koloba.