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The Black Fly fights against a mechanical Yamato-like Hermit Crab.

Down to Earth is the first stage of Metal Black.

The Black Fly arrives at the desolated city of Shinjuku in Japan, met by the first wave of alien enforcers on Earth, which had taken control of military weapons in the area. Twisted ghosts of Earth's forces, having fought to their bitter end in the previous war only to be reanimated in an alien fashion, are marched against the Black Fly alongside the only positive glimpse of the alien invaders as the player/s fly towards the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

The boss on this level is Apartheid.

Darius references[]

  • The Carrier-carrying Hermit Crab is a successor of Yamato from Darius II, a vestige of Metal Black's origins as Darius III.
  • The desolated Shinjuku landscape seems to be the inspiration for Zone T in Darius Gaiden (Zone A in Darius Gaiden Extra Version).