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It is a final bonus mission after completing Suriaha's mission, it is the only minsion that has many zones. The final boss is G.T.V and contains a different ending.


Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Freedom Hermit Red-Purple Iron Fossil
β Baptize Silver Hawk Impailing Coronatus Thorn Wheel
γ Iron Corridor Aquarium Fish Lightning Claw
δ Crushing the Enemy Lightly Red Lantern Assault Jaw
ε Fast Lane None Phantom Castle
ζ Abyssal Holic Red Lantern Double Claw
η Opposition Hermit Red-Purple Glassy Stare
θ Departure Red Lantern

Heavy Coronatus

Slash Shell
ι KONKUKANNAN Impailing Coronatus Savage Ruler
κ I LED NU-RED-GAS None Gigantic Bite
λ You'll Be in My Thoughts None Azure Nightmare
μ Peaceful Sleep in the Wreckage Heavy Muffler

Hermit Purple

Heavy Coronatus



Our hard work freed the entire galaxy, but we must never forget that the Belsar still alive.

So we must prepare ourselves, because one day, they will return again.

Of that, we can be certain.


  • In the end credits a strange boss appears similar to Iron Fossil but his body is extended, it is nothing more and less Unangi Fossil.