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The CB-40 Inter Gray is the player craft on Taito's rail shooter Night Striker. It later appears as a DLC ship in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours as part of the Taito Pack alongside the Black Fly from Metal Black and the X-LAY from RayForce.


The Inter Gray is an armed hovercar developed and used by Night Striker, a special task force working under the United Nations that specializes in the handling of difficult missions and is comprised of elite soldiers. Not only is the Inter Gray equipped with a powerful frontal pulse gun, but it is also capable of changing into a mecha robot, separating into a motorcycle unit, utilizing a support plane and triple-shot booster unit as well as opening up more gun barrels to better adapt to the situations at hand. Should the main engine be taken out in battle, then the pilot can eject and use a jetpack, at which point they can utilize a similarly powerful pulse gun to engage enemies until help arrives.

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours[]

The Inter Gray is a bit on the slow side of maneuverability amongst all of the ships in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours but its sub-weaponry and shielding more than make up for this. While holding down the fire button, moving will bring out two streams of small, white tracking bullets that add a little more damage to the normal pulse shots. The biggest change to the Inter Gray is a shielding and homing micro-missile system used by pressing the Burst button. The shield projection works against most enemy projectiles and the missiles can be upgraded by picking up green power-ups to boost their strength as well as increase the number and overall behavior of the homing missiles. Moreover, this is able to Burst Counter which increases the size of the shield and further boosts the strength of the missiles, all while being an easy counter; that said, the player must actually move into the path of the enemy's Burst Beam with this active and not stay still to let the beam hit them dead-on as that will only result in damage and the counter not happening.