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WARNING! A huge battleship "Hyper Sting" is approaching fast.
Darius II announcer

Hyper Sting (Japanese: ハイパースティング, Hepburn: Haipāsutingu?) [Japanese name: sharp needle] is the first boss from Darius II. It is shaped after a lionfish (Pterois volitans).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Hyper Sting
  • Motif: Lionfish
  • Type: General-purpose battleship
  • Size: 87.84 m / 288.2 ft
  • Zone: A (Corona Loop)
  • Weapon: Rapid fire laser cannon (jaw), Etc.

An enemy battleship of the so-called "Alliance Army", composed of the same type of battleship from Belsar. Acting in pairs, it excels at combat by performing pincer attack formations against enemy aircrafts.


Darius II[]

Hyper Sting is a very easy boss, it's only attack being shooting a laser with some bullets from its mouth, which is also its weak spot. After it is destroyed another Hyper Sting will appear from behind the player, and the Silver Hawk will turn to face it. Both of them can easily be destroyed with the smart bombs which appear during the fight.

Super Darius and Super Darius II[]

It fights and moves the same way as the original, but it stays on the left side of the screen and there is not another Hyper Sting coming from behind. The only thing that complicates this battle is the speed of lasers and bullets, Hyper Sting's size, no other weak points that makes easier the Silver Hawk movement and no smart bombs.

On Super Darius II, its weak point is its entire body (mainly its head).


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